Accidental Apocalypse

In all of heaven, there was but one fool.

An angel dim of wit and infirm of mind yet excelling at his primary purpose – to exalt the Lord of hosts with mighty praise and  delightsome song. For this, he was tolerated.

Sephiel, he was called.

And it came to pass that one day, Sephiel, looking for a place to rest his troubled head, did stumble into the chamber of the glory of the almighty. A plethora of enchantments immediately captivated his attentions and Sephiel set to entertaining himself with the fine distractions of the chamber. There were swords of the purest flame, burning an incandescent yellow. There were orbs of overwhelming brilliance, even in the blinding illumination of the chamber of divine splendor. There were musical instruments that produced sounds so mellifluous, Sephiel was brought to tears upon touching them even with unskilled fingers. There were jewels, pearls, gems and an assortment of precious things; treasures of the almighty himself.

A gods ransom.

One treasure did captivate Sephiel beyond all others. It was a book. This book shone with a  resplendence that came not from its adornments but from its very essence. Across this book was a silver seal and it appeared that the book could not be opened without breaking the seal for there was no visible slot for a key.

Sephiel bounded across the chamber, having tired of all other treasures and without much hesitation, pried the seal apart in gleeful ignorance. The easily seal gave way but Sephiel was disappointed for there was yet another seal within. He pried this away as well, ignoring the vociferous rumbling that had overtaken all around him since he first set hand to the book. He was met with yet another seal. Sephiel impatiently pried this away as well, continuing until he had reached what was the Seventh seal. And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was a silence in the celestial domains for a time. Sephiel remained oblivious to this also, occupied instead with the reading of the book even as elsewhere, seven dutiful angels, seated in a place contiguous to the gate of heaven, rose to their feet and blew upon seven golden trumpets.

Yet, even this, Sephiel did not acknowledge.

It was a most fascinating book.


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