A Moment

I have a small experience to record here today

But first…

I never intended to start writing fiction again. I used to write (awesomely crappy) stories when I was much younger (circa 11 – 14) but then I stopped. When I was 14, I wrote an 80-page ‘novel’ in one of those ‘onward’ exercise books about a group of Ninjas sent to kill an evil warlord in New York. I showed it to my mother (who had a degree in English) and she laughed so hard, I never bothered to write the ‘fantastic’ sequel I already had planned in my head. I guess she just never thought I was serious about writing and to be honest, I don’t think I am either. I am a professional dabbler. (To be completely honest, even now, I don’t really take anything seriously, I just do it while its fun). Anyway, after that, I took to writing opinion-pieces, essays and reports and that was fun for a while. Until I started to write fiction again sometime last year. It is still  fun as well. That’s all that matters. So I will keep doing it. But not here…

You may already know I do a bit of on-and-off guest writing for The Naked Convos and that is now where I will now share most of  my fiction seeing as how they have given me a long term spot. On occassion I may feature something else on some other blog or even a magazine (*wink*). Probably Afrosays which is my personal favorite blog right now. Except the more personal stories that have little bits and pieces of me in them of course. Those will remain here in the comfort and safety of my own personal blog.

And so, without further verbal perambulation, I bequeath (most of) my fiction to The Alchemists Corner.

The Alchemist’s corner is a place for exploration and reflection through prose, curated by yours truly and will materialize on The Naked Convos  every Thursday evening at 4:00 p.m. As you may have already gathered from my nature, it is an amorphous, capricious place where things are never really as they seem. The things you will see in the Alchemists corner may be beautiful things, they may be bizarre things and when I am lucky or inspired enough, they will be both. In this place, I share stories that are based on the more interesting aspects of human nature: Loyalty and Betrayal; Fear and Courage; Truth and Falsehood; Reality and Illusion; Faith and Time; Destiny; Love and War and everything in between. These stories will come in a variety of forms and to varying degrees of strangeness, beauty, madness and hilarity. I cannot promise you that you will always like what you read but I do promise that I will try to make every story interesting.

There are already a couple of stories up so swing by and say hello 🙂

The Alchemists Corner.

And now onto other, more important, personal matters…

Sometimes, the smallest of human moments sear themselves into your memory forever. Like the moment my father handed me his wrist watch just before I ran into the IEC exam hall to take my scholarship exam. Or the moment right before I jumped from the second floor of the Junior school building into a tree. Or the first time I told my first girlfriend I loved her. Or the moment when the creepy old man placed the live python around my neck in Bangkok… you know what I mean. THOSE kind of moments. That make you feel like your life is a movie. The ones that will never die.

I had one of such moments on Monday. I was on my way to see an exhibit at the Science museum in South Kensington and we took the underground walkway. Buskers were present as usual… one of them anyway. As I was walking with my friends, I heard him playing a tune on his guitar that sounded vaguely familiar so I strained to hear it but I still did not recognize it. Now, I normally ignore buskers but there was something about the way he was playing that guitar that spoke to me. As I got closer, I told myself that if I eventually recognized the tune, I’d give him a pound. If not, I’d just walk on by as I usually did. When I got right in front of him, I realized that I didn’t know the tune after all. I kept walking, mildly disappointed and tried to rejoin the conversation that my friends had started while I was distracted. And then the most magical thing happened – just as we had gone about 5 steps past him, he stopped playing that tune and began playing another – the tune to one of my favorite songs – ‘Nothing else matters’ by Metallica.

I froze once I heard the first few notes and for a moment I felt this electric jolt of pure joy. I ran back to him, gave him the pound and smiling like a child with my fingers formed into the appropriate symbol, said to him ‘Rock on’. He smiled a broad smile of understanding back at me and said ‘Rock on, bro’. It was one of those small, intense, amazing human moments that come suddenly and then disappear leaving an imprint of themselves with you forever.

“Live by the moment; after all, life is a series of moments.” — Trent Woodard