She awoke slowly, the pieces of her jagged reality gradually reassembling themselves like a demon-possessed puzzle solving itself.

Where was she…What…

The office!

She had just left the office a few minutes (or was it hours? Perhaps days?) ago.


Parked. Odd. Blue.

The car… Moving.

Driving. She was driving…

Him. Yes. Clarity.

She had been heading home to see the love of her life, the man she had been cheating on for the past 5 months – Nonso.

She struggled to bring her hands to her eyes but they would not cooperate. They were bound by something to the back of the chair she was sitting on. She tried to turn her head and look around her but she could barely rotate it a few degress. And then it came. That feeling. Cold fear. She unconsciously let a few drops of urine escape her bladder.  Foggy memory, strange surroundings and rope binding her to a chair. She was a scientist and a realist with pessimist tendencies and she had observed just enough of her situation to conclude to within a reasonable accuracy that this would not end well. She opened her eyes wide to take in more of her surroundings and then she saw him.


Her heart leapt with joy as the image of her husband crystallized on her retina. But the recently-birthed joy was short lived. He just sat there on a rusty metal chair staring at her silently. He wore a look that she had never seen him wear before and it betrayed an unusual countenance: a strange mix of excitement and anger tinged with a hint of cruelty. She knew that look from the lab.

The chimps.

She had seen that look on the faces of the chimpanzees that she worked with at the research centre. It usually preceded an act of dominance to scare off an usurper or impress a potential mate. The cold fear embraced her again and she shuddered. This would not end well. She was sure now. She was just about to call out his name when he spoke, rising to his feet:

“Shut up Tare. You always did talk too much for your own good. Just shut your dirty whore mouth up for once” He said as he walked around her, continuing till he escaped her field of vision. She heard a scrapping sound from behind her and the fear hugged tighter, stifling her breath. She could not help but appeal to the love of her life again.

“But Nonso, please what is going on!” She blurted out in confused fear. His voice had been so menacing, she hardly believed this was the man she had loved for the past six years of her life.

“I said shut up Tare!”

“But Please in the name of God, tell me Nons……eiiiyyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

She let out a high pitched scream as a sharp pain invaded her nervous system. She felt a part of herself detach from her body and watched as it fell onto the floor. It was her left ear with the pearl earing still attached to it. It looked strange. She screamed again.

“I told you to shut up, you didn’t listen. I guess you don’t need both ears, afterall you only  use them half the time, eh?”

She kept screaming.

“So bloody noisy! I was going to talk with you about all this first but since you’ve already started screaming, might as well get on with it then.” He said as he adjusted his grip on the knife he had just used to mutilate her.

“Let me give you something to really scream about.” He said wryly as he walked to her front, adjusted the rope around her neck so that she could barely move her head and then dug the blade into the corner of her forehead.

She screamed again as her world lost meaning. The eyes that had been the mirrors of love to her soul for six years were now nought but two black beacons of death. The headlights on the grim reapers cadillac.

“Go on. Scream whore. Scream!” He commanded tauntingly.

She could not help but comply as he pressed the blade deeper until it met bone. She remembered the day she bought this knife as part of a set at the shopping centre. He always did like this knife, he always spoke of its particularly fine craftsmanship and the ease with which it cut meat and onions whenever they cooked together. The irony she thought as he proceeded to cut her face off with it.

Her thoughts gave way to futile, anguished screams.


It was a rainy afternoon in June, when Tare made the decision to cheat on Nonso with his brother, Jude. It wasn’t an impulsive decision and alcohol had not been present at the meeting where the resolution was passed. It was a decision she took of her own free will and it was born of pure, unbridled, animal lust in its most crude form.

She had been sitting in the car, waiting for Nonso to come out of the bank with Jude. They had walked in earlier to sort out a routine business transaction but they shuffled out, accompanied by a storm of insults and followed by a man who was so angry, it looked like his destiny had been set on fire. He was livid.  Visibly so.

As she later learned, the entire sequence had been a not-so-funny comedy of errors: the man had mistaken Nonso for a former business partner who had cheated him quite severely. He had launched into a tirade and caused such a scene that they had all been asked to leave the bank. Once out, the man became even more enraged at the percieved denial and attempted to throw a punch at Nonso. He missed, and Jude flew into a rage in his brothers defence. Jude had always had an animalistic response pattern to violent situations. He grabbed the man by the throat and started raining haymakers on his head. The man clawed at Jude in a desperate attempt to stop the onslaught but he only succeeded in tearing Jude’s shirt, exposing his muscled body and thus inadvertently setting into motion a chain of unfortunate events.

It was in that exact moment, on seeing a half naked Jude standing there pounding the unfortunate, angry fool into sweet oblivion while his muscles went taut with every impassioned blow, that she decided to seduce him. Jude had the kind of body that she had always dreamed of and worse yet, his face was almost a mirror image of the one she lovingly woke up to everyday. She wanted that body. That face. But she still loved Nonso deeply. That never changed. It was a bizzare longing that few could understand but she felt compelled to see it through.

Their first time had been a spectacularly well-orchestrated affair. She, the composer.

Nonso had travelled on business and she had asked Jude to come see her and keep her company. He agreed and when he arrived, she realized that the fates had made her plan easier: she smelled alcohol on his breath and although he wasn’t drunk, he spoke with more abandon than he usually did. She offered him a glass of wine and an unusually friendly smile. He accepted both gladly.

They sat and talked for a bit while a particularly uninteresting movie played itself out on the TV. As the hours flew by and the wine flowed, her resolve to carnally possess her lovers brother weakened. She was still physically attracted to him madly but now she began to worry about how Nonso would feel. Her attitude toward him had not changed in the least. She still loved him deeply. But the thought of Judes body inflicted a madness upon her. A madness to have him in and on her. She shut her eyes and leaned forward to kiss his lips before her head and heart could convince her body to stand down. When she opened her eyes, Jude was staring at her with a blank expression on his face. He stared at her for almost a full minute before he spoke

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked in a matter-of-fact-voice. She could have sworn he sounded like Frank Edoho asking her “Is that your final answer?”.

“Yes”. She whispered.

~Too easy. Almost ridiculously so. The tricks the fates play on men.~

He took her hand and they stood up, as she made a move for the stairs pulling him toward the master bedroom.

“Not on your matrimonial bed”, he said softly and redirected her to the kitchen.

It was an odd sentiment to have considering what they were about to do, but she did not resist. He had a point, it would have been awkward. The kitchen was neutral territory and there was something kinky about sex in the kitchen.

They hardly spoke, as if not to disturb the spirit of the man whom they were so grievously betraying in his own home. Jude lifted her skirt up to her waist before ripping off her underwear like a crazed animal. She was dripping wet with lust. He hoisted her onto the table and started to unzip his trousers while she unbuttoned his shirt to marvel at the body that had haunted her wet dreams for over four months now.  Still silent, he penetrated her.

She let out a gasp and grabbed onto him as he began thrusting, trying desperately to smother the fire of lust in her loins. It took almost fifty minutes to put out.


Nonso peeled what had been Tare’s face off her skull slowly. He didn’t want to damage it and sometimes he’d had to slow down to sever a particularly stubborn muscle. He wondered at his own insanity for a brief minute. Tare always did drive him crazy. This was the ultimate manifestation of the effect she had on him. She drove him crazy, obviously. He was acting like an animal.

He smiled as the last attachment of face to skull gave way and he held her face in his hands. He wondered if she was dead or just passed out from the pain, seeing as how the screams had stopped about 15 minutes into his little facial liberation. He checked her pulse and confirmed his second guess. He was pleased.

“Don’t die bitch. You still have a lot more suffering to do” he muttered under his breath.

He took the mangled piece of her flesh and walked over to the table he’d been calling his ‘workstation’ all evening. He took a piece of thread and started to sew. When he was done, he had a mask. It was still her face and beautiful in a strange way. He wore it and smiled.

“Flesh of my flesh” he sad to himself.

He took the adrenaline injection that that he’d stolen from the hospital the night before and injected 50cc’s staright into her heart.

“I’ll be back for you honey bun” He said as he walked towards a door at the other end of the room. He opened it and walked right through.

Perfect timing. Jude was looked like he was just about to wake up. Nonso smiled underneath his freshly made death mask as he walked toward the table where the chainsaw he had bought that morning lay silent. He paused to ponder for a minute which would be louder; the screams of his brother or the revving of the chainsaw engine?

Either way, it was going to be a long, noisy night.


Editors Note:

I originally wrote this story for my blog but decided to give it to TheNakedConvos instead. Here it is, again for those that didnt read it there and for my own records. Cheers.


17 thoughts on “ANIMAL

  1. Read it before. Still good. Think we concluded that the wife was the ‘animal’ then yes? Although, since all humans are animals anyway it might have been a bit of a moot point.

    Wish there were more posts like this, Sawaleh has gone all pink on us

  2. The extreme actions of a lunatic! or are there boundaries to the extents of a lunatic’s action to call Nonso’s actions extreme? A very vivid write up, especially your sex scene in the kitchen

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