So it appears that crazy is the new in-thing. These days, everybody either has an alter ego, fancy psychological problems, says deliberately controversial things which they don’t even understand and/or refers to themselves in the third person. Multiple personalities are like the latest in high street fashion and controversial utterances are like the latest in hair extensions. I don’t understand it.

Personally, I choose to blame Lady Gaga for all this bloody rubbish. “Why Lady Gaga?”, you ask? Because she is satans bride, the mother of morbidity, queen of the demons, the choir mistress in the evil demon army youth choir that lives in Terry G’s head and the harbinger of all evil. I personally hold her responsible for global warming as well as the growing multicolor skinny jeans epidemic currently ravaging the Nigerian male youth population but I have no evidence to validate this as yet and my cousin who is a lawyer has told me that I cannot publish my theories on her evil plan to take over the world with her frankenstein monster of recycled 80’s pop music, stale Madonna swag and decaying body parts, Marilyn Manson-esque personality all doused heavily in Electronic sound to make it seem fresh. So, reluctantly, I will just toss the allegations out there and let them marinate in your brain juice like the chorus of ‘poker face’.

Seriously, when did having an alter ego, acting like stark raving lunatic and being fickle in your approach to life become so popular? 10 years ago, if you acted like this, no one would talk to you, they would brand you a ‘weirdo’ and excommunicate you from all the social circles that mattered. But now they shout “You’re crazzzzyyyy son!” While laughing themselves into a coma over your obviously insane behaviour and inviting you to the most awesome parties and/or offering you drinks and sex. Its all very confusing and for those of us that have been functionally insane long since before it was cool, quite frankly, aggravating. We were watching Rammstein videos and shouting “fire Fruer” whilst you people were busy crooning “Baby hit me one more time”. We identified with Kelis screaming ‘I hate you so much right now’ when you were busy fawning all over destinys child. All of a sudden, everybody likes ‘rock’ and ‘weird’ stuff. Ah well, weldone. Carry on. More KY Jelly to your elbow.

On behalf of everyone that has been living on the border of madness and awesomeness long before the territorial boundaries were drawn, I implore you, please in the name of Chuck Norris, stop famzing with us and let us be. Crazy is not and never has been sexy and it is most assuredly not cool. Its just what it is. CRAZY. And we like it that way.

Yours Sincerely,

ThinkTank D. Jester (Esq)

General Secretary,

Global Association of Somewhat Functional and Marginally Awesome yet Obviously Crazy-People (GASFMAOCP)

Editors Note:

I wrote this 5 months ago. I was also bored on a train and needed to write something silly to entertain myself. I nevger intended to post it but hey… whatever. Enjoy. Or not.


23 thoughts on “Crazy.Sexy.Cool.

  1. Mainstream crazy, is this authentic?

    Alternative can never be mainstream. Indie can never be strawberry.

    The real crazy kids still get no love from the noveau-crazy and crew.

    • When what used to be crazy becomes mainstream, what do the crazy people do?

      When all that defines alternative is embraced by the hoi poloi what is it then?

      What is the difference between the real crazy and nouveau crazy?

  2. The real crazy folk are still shunned, hated and feared.. But this not-so-new breed of people who spout whatever they think is controversial, and words they don’t understand, just show how lonely and sad some people are.

    If you’re timid, be timid and be awesome! If your brain has an unusal concentration of grey matter, be yourself and be awesome..

    Save a deluded fellow today, don’t encourage stupidity.. (This applies to Vic O – the day that guy realises it, something bad is going to happen.)

  3. LMFAO!!! The real madmen revolt!!! *waves “!!!” Banner on Mount Doom*

    Ok. Paragraph 2 contains officially the longest sentence I have ever seen.

    Funny shiii. True too. Somewhat similar to a Slevincalevra post, but undeniably Wole.

    [All these new rock fans sef! #SIGH™ ]

  4. I totally identify with everything you said except for lady gaga being the choir mistress in the evil demon army youth choir . . . . . Lol. But seriously though, I’m sick of people
    trying to act cool by adopting alternative lifestyles. The little city where I live has become barbie land with chics sporting false everything ( hair, eyelash, nails, boobs, ass) and then the thing with the sudden rock rave has caused me to become a closet listener. Anyway, my philosophy in life . . . live and let live, to each his own.

  5. Why are you pissed though? I’d agree with you on your opinion about Lady Gaga, can’t stand the broad myself. From what I can extract from your post, there’s an acceptable degree of crazy permissible by you. However, once it goes beyond or below that degree, you can’t conform because you don’t approve and you see this as a relegation of your own type of crazy. My question is, is your own type of crazy devoid of MPDs, alter egos and what not? Or are the lines just blurry?

    The irony of this is, this ‘problem’ as you choose to look at it has always existed. MPDs, alter egos, etc. Social networks only amplified them and now they are in your face more than ever. There will always be a place in the world for all sorts of people and these people will have a certain fan base whether they make sense or not. It’s the way the world is.

    To stay relevant in whatever form of craziness adopted, people reinvent themselves. From Thinktank to AlchemistXIII back to Thinktank? Makes you wonder.

  6. Crazy is not necessarily always the new cool, but people are trying to make cool crazy. Hang on a second….

    Crazy works when there’s a balance. It’s not always acceptable form of behavior but then again, not everyone can identify with eccentricity.

    I stay crazy, I love crazy. Crazy is good. 😀

  7. I seriously cant get over the Lady Gaga bit,hahahahahahaha i hope u eventually stumble upon substantial evidence to put her away for eternity (dis thing no get spell check,shit). well, “d more things change the more they stay d same” soon we wld be sane again:at least for those of us faking it.

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