Hello there people. Samson (@_samsn) here with today’s post.  



What exactly are we looking for?

answers to make us feel complete and whole,

to make us achieve that almost impossible goal?

or fortune to bring to us that dream home?

What exactly is our thirst?

is it in everything to be the best?

or is it to come out as the first,

when life’s challenges put us to a test?

What exactly do we hope to find?

is it in our abode to unearth a gold mine?

or is it plaques and achievements to keep and celebrate?

or that perfect partner to be our date?

What exactly brings you joy in life?

is it to proffer harmony to those in strife?

or is it for riches on you to rain,

that you might view others in disdain?

How exactly would our future be?

is it to look back and see

a decent lifetime worthy of praise?

or filled with bile and hollow days?

And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth…. Luke 12:15


So then, life is obviously not about physical possessions and riches…. or is it? What is life all about? Personal happiness? Pleasures and experiences? Service to humanity? Adherence to some lofty ideals? Sacrifice for children? What do you think? Regardless of Religious belief, is there some common thread of desire and meaning that runs through all men? Feel free to share you views.

8 thoughts on “Searching…

  1. Interesting piece, and one I’ve written about a number of times. Fulfillment. We are insatiable beings, there’s so much we desire, material and otherwise.I also think our supernatural nature ultimately makes us aspire for noble things in life which when done, leave us fulfilled.

  2. It hurts that I’m just seeing this.

    What exactly do we want?
    What about ‘it all’? Where ‘it all’ would be all and nothing in particular?

    This is because I feel as man aspires and achieves, he sees something else to chase after. A wise man said it is all a chasing after the wind, really.

    So whether we aim to do for ourselves or to do for others, question is if we have anything to hold on to at the end of it all or if we just try to convince ourselves that we’ve done a good job.

    Whoever held a handful of wind? I and you and the whole world, we have.
    But its lack of substance angers us so.

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