I was shocked with disappointment. ‘Spankys’ wasn’t really anything worth watching in my opinion. It was just a bunch of topless, skinny, ugly-ish girls vibrating on the elevated dance floor while a bunch of mostly old white men, sat round tables looking at them. It wasn’t even a decent strip club. I would not insult the talented strippers in Vegas and other places of premium quality carnality by calling what they were doing “dancing”. Imagine if you will, a 40 year old woman with the body a 12 year old girl, topless, being occasionally poked with a cattle prod. She would shake violently for a bit and then stop, right? That’s basically what this was. Every other thirty seconds or so, one of the girls would spank the others with a padded stick. I assume this is what inspired the name of the club. I ordered one drink, endured this absurdity for all of 5 minutes before excusing myself and rejoining the rest of the group that had decided not to go in.

 (I was later informed by one of my friends who had decided to stay back that about an hour after I left, they had gone to another, considerably more interesting club where the…erm…strippers used their vaginas to do many…erm… interesting things…like launch ping pong balls into the air, pick up coins and the like. I guess that would have been fun to see but by this time I was long gone from the Nana area. To this day I’m not sure if by leaving, I made the right decision or not. I guess you all will tell what you think in the comment box. Oh well, that’s what it was)

 We decided to go get dinner and some Shisha which turned out to be much more fun than the little strip club that I had seen. We spent the evening eating Arabic food, drinking fruit cocktails and smoking shisha. My friend “Tiu” tried to teach me and another friend “Bear” how to blow the smoke in rings but the best I managed was to blow it through my nose like an angry bull. 

After we had exhausted our gist and the drinks we walked through the town for a bit (this was at midnight or so) and observed some interesting things.

First off, the town was absurdly lively even at that late hour. Shops open, cabs running, people hustling and bustling around. It was quite comforting to see a city function at midnight as though it were broad daylight.


Bangkok. The city that never sleeps. Because its busy banging kok? No? Errr...Moving on then...

Second, there were a lot of young Thai girls with old Caucasian men walking around. I should say that of the “girls” we saw, I estimate that 40% of them were actually men parading as women – ladyboys (transsexuals) as they are called. It was quite ridiculous. I had learnt the trick to spotting them earlier from “the Lion” who simply told me:

“forget ass and tits, always look at the jaw and throat (adams apple)”

Simply put, they had square jawlines and prominent adams apples which you could use to spot them. But still, some of them were so stunningly beautiful that I’m sure a little konji and alcohol would be enough to blind many men to the fact that they were indeed ladyboys. 

Pictured: A hot Ladyboy. Would you hit that?
Lucky for us, most of the ones we saw were fairly obviously men. Like this group (below) who decided to pose for us…I’m not exactly sure why.

A herd of Ladyboys spotted outside Nana.


We completed our walk, bought a few souvenirs and caught cabs home. I was on my way back to my room, thinking the night was over, when I got a call from another one of my friends “M-man”. “M-man” is without a doubt the hardest drinker I know on God’s green earth. He and a few buddies had been drinking for a while and at this point were inebriated and looking to head to a club (at 12:30 am). I had a full day planned ahead of me and I wasn’t particularly interested in going clubbing but how could I resist? We were here for faaji. I went to my room, took a shower (it was still hot), changed and got dressed and we headed out.

 We were a party of about ten, including, my course coordinator whom I assume had come along to have some fun as well as babysit us and make sure no one ended up at the police station by night’s end. Once we walked in, we were led to a table where “M-man” had already ordered drinks for everyone. We started in on the drinks and chatted nonsense for a bit (you can’t really carry on logical conversations with drunken engineering students). After a bit of this, me and my wing-man for the night “H”, made our way onto the dance floor and danced with some Thai girls. At first we were met with violent resistance by a group who I am sure were lesbian Satanists (Don’t ask me how I know this). Their warrior queen pushed “H” back and shouted in damaged english:

“No, these my girls, they for me!!!”

I dont remember clearly, but I'm sure this is what she looked like

We backed away and squeezed through the crowded dance floor to another group of girls who weremuch  friendlier 😀 . From there on out, it was a haze of dancing, drinking, Hi-5’s to random strangers, laughter, silliness and people offering us their drinks. I have to say Thai clubs have a much friendlier vibe than any other I’ve been to. I can’t imagine what manner of demon would possess a Nigerian in a club to offer his drink to a random stranger whom he couldn’t even communicate in the same language with.

This is before the drinking really started.

  As was bound to happen sooner or later, due to the large amounts of alcohol being consumed and the konji reaching critical levels, there was an incident with the lady boys. During the middle of our groove, while I and “H” were dance floor hopping, we walked past a group of Lady boys standing in a corner flagrantly disobeying Wizkids instruction to “Not Dull”. Anyway, Lady boys are definitely not my thing so I pulled a Johnny walker and kept walking. After a few minutes, I looked behind me and noticed “H” wasn’t following me. I retraced my steps and found him dancing with (dry humping) one of the Lady boys we had walked past. I decided not to judge him and firmly blamed it on the alcohol. I walked up to him and whispered in his ear:

“You know that’s a guy you’re dancing with right?”

To which he responded in a drunken slur:

“Nah, Wole. Don’t say that. She’s a tall beautiful lady”.

It was obvious that he had lost all reasoning capacityat this point and I had no choice. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away before he ended up with a lifetimes worth of regrets.

A lot more stuff went down that night which, well, since it didn’t happen to me, I cannot really reveal. All I can say is: A lot of drunken people mistook a Ladyboys for girls that night, At least one person had sex with a Thai girl (at least I hope it was a girl), one person puked on the dance floor and someone (me) got his ass grabbed by a girl ( I really, really, realllllly hope it was a real girl).

Yes Boss! Err...wait tho...What was that second thing you said?

Anyway, I mostly confined myself to dancing and laughing and generally having a good time. When the music stopped playing, the live band that had played earlier came back on and began what I can only describe as ‘Thai bizarro club theatre’. They brought some girls on stage, made them dance, stand around and act out weird scenes with other male club patrons. Nothing sexual, just weird. Like the guys would kneel down while the girls dance round them, touch their heads and say some weird stuff. Later when I asked, I heard it was some kind of game. But in a club though? Thai people are odd. We left the club at around 4:00 am, hailed taxis and headed home. It had been a pretty awesome night all round.

By the time I lay down in bed, I was exhausted. I really needed to rest because the next day would be tiring as well: we had already laid out plans. We would be heading to the most grandiose and awe inspiring set of buildings in Thailand: The Grand Palace.

 To be continued…

 Coming next: CHAPTER 4: GOLDEN SUN


33 thoughts on “THE LEGEND OF BANGKOK: Chapter 3

  1. Buahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….this is extremely funny…had peops staring at me like am runnin mad…. Loool

    Esp d ladyboys….buahaha…”tall beautiful girl”

    Abeg no take laff kill me today….

    (Y)…mos def am lookin 4ward to bangkok!

  2. LMAO!!! But if you hadn’t included the trick to spotting them Ladyboys, I would have been totally fooled… except with one hand in their pants of course… and i would surely kill myself after that experience hahaha!

    • Generally , thats how a lot of guys check. My friend “The Lion” told me thats how he had to do it the first time he was in bangkok

  3. Once again, good narrative…we thank God for ur life dat ur level of inebriation wasn’t too high to dull u enuf to call a lady boy a lady…
    The next part is what I’m rili interested in…d architecture…hope they’ll be som “history lessons” as well…hehehehe

  4. All y’all asking if the first one is a Ladyboy, err…the only way to be 100% sure would be to have reached down into her groin to investigate.

  5. One day, I will tick Phuket/Thailand off my bucket list.
    Until that day, I will seat in envy of any one who has…..

    Wole, well done…..

    • Thanks. I rocked Bangkok but I missed Phuket and Koi phi phi. So i have every intention of going back to Thailand when nex the chance arises. You may just beat me to it .

  6. ladyboys, …..’tall beautiful ladies’….hmm. to be honest if i was really really drunk i’d probably be more dan willing to take dat first ladyboy (d very first pishur o) home with me….she’s/he’s hot….#Justsaying #DontJudge.

    Waiting for more….:)

  7. the ladyboys are hotter than me…. 😦 *calls Dr. Rey* the first gurl is a guy? o_O….. Oh and the spanky’s place was crap (from what you said/wrote) after waiting to hear/read better sometin… yu shlda burnt the place….

  8. The first ladyboy is too pretty to have balls, anyways about this statement “I can’t imagine what manner of demon would possess a Nigerian in a club to offer his drink to a random stranger” we are nice people in Nigeria I have given out my drink and I have received but na cheap thins o.

  9. the first 1 couldn’t have been a lady-boy jare….too hot to be 1! i would definitely have smacked dat 1st……really nice write up in all….thumbs up!!!

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