>The Reason


@NerdyChique sent this to me a few days ago and it touched me in a very special way. I feel its something we can all identify with in our own different ways so read, enjoy, share.

“The Reason:

Everybody needs a Reason.

A reason to roll over, place their feet on the floor and heave themselves out of bed every morning. Some people know what their Reason is, some people have it handed to them at the same time they draw their first breath, or speak their first word or kiss their first love.

Some people do not know what their Reason is, and therefore the search for it becomes the Reason. Some people can’t see their Reason, couldn’t even name it, if pressed, but yet that doesn’t matter, because it stands in front, beside, behind them, lives inside them.

To have no Reason is to observe, to exist only without participation. A very unlucky few are born without A Reason and never find it, or lose it somewhere along the way..the death of a loved one perhaps, or the obstacles of life- those are known as the Damned, the Soulless.

The strong among those find another Reason and continue to participate in life. The weak, who sometimes were not even aware of their own frailty until that point, retreat into themselves. They too become Soulless, waiting only until Someone draws their name from the Hat and they can lay down and sleep without waking.”

—Reasonable Beings, and their Reasons for Being by Alla Comptoir


3 thoughts on “>The Reason

  1. Deep breath.
    What about those of us that THINK we’ve found it and then we’re not so sure anymore and then it seems we keep ‘finding’ it one million times only to see that what we found, maybe isn’t really it.

    Sometimes I believe in the reason, sometimes I do not.

    Maybe the Reason is to survive? A farmer / gatherer / hunter from all the way back during the early times couldn’t have been burdened with more than that?

    The basic, natural human form without all the extra trappings.

  2. Many of us fall into this category and I think the line: “Some people do not know what their Reason is, and therefore the search for it becomes the Reason” alludes to us. The search for our reason is our reason.

    To leave it all to the basic trappings of simple survival is to admit that our lives are meaningless. Living for the purpose of survival alone. That is too bleak a world for me and the religious part of me would say it is a meaningless, Godless world. There should be a reason even if it is simply the search for a reason. That is better than meaninglessness…in my opinion 🙂

    Thanks for the comment

  3. But…

    If the search for the reason were one or the other’s reason, what reason would they have when they found their reason? Meaninglessness? Another reason? But aren’t we all to have only one reason? Or are two reasons to only one person allowed? Or maybe even like in school, majors and minors, so that some have their ‘THE reason’ and then their ‘the OTHER reason’.

    I wonder…

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